Gotta Keep Keepin' On.


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Title: Hold On Till May Artist: Pierce The Veil feat. Lindsey Stamey 6 plays

She sits up high, surrounded by the sun
One million branches and she loves every one
"Mom and dad, did you search for me?
I’ve been up here so long I’m going crazy!”

Title: I, I Love You (Eng. version) Artist: eSNa 6 plays

I, I Love You (Eng. version) - eSNa (에스나, 윤빛나라) 

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Good night.

Does this bother anyone else bc the blanket near the tail didnt make it

Yea ^


Month 2

Weigh in at 180 pounds(81.64kg) 

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Makin’ gains boiii

Title: The Beginning Acoustic Artist: One OK Rock 38 plays

Just give me a reason
To keep my heart beating
Don’t worry it’s safe right here in my arms
As the world falls apart around us
All we can do is hold on, hold on


"lemme get a Boosie fade" 

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me as a parent 

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Very Rare

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